How to install Kyverno in a k8s cluster?

How to install Kyverno in a k8s cluster?

In the k8s policy management series, We're going to look at how to install Kyverno dynamic admission controller and its CRDs can installed in k8s cluster using helm or yaml manifests.

Install using helm

helm repo add kyverno
helm repo update

# Install kyverno controller
helm install kyverno kyverno/kyverno --namespace kyverno --create-namespace

# Install kyverno policies
helm install kyverno-policies kyverno/kyverno-policies --namespace kyverno

Install using yaml

kubectl create -f

To check the Kyverno controller status, run the command:

kubectl get pods -n <namespace>

If the Kyverno controller is not running, you can check its status and logs for errors:

kubectl describe pod <kyverno-pod-name> -n <namespace>
kubectl logs -l -n <namespace>