How to generate dummy data in postgres?

How to generate dummy data in postgres?

learn how to generate large volume of dummy data in postgres with generate_series utility

Lets create an employee table with id, name and salary columns and load some data,

Create a dummy table

CREATE TABLE public.employee (
    id int8 NOT NULL,
    name varchar(120) NOT NULL,
    salary int8 NOT NULL,

Generate dummy data

Below sql query generates 1 Million employee records,

WITH salary_list AS (
    SELECT '{1000, 2000, 5000}'::INT[] salary
INSERT INTO public.employee
(id, name, salary)
SELECT n, 'Employee ' || n as name, salary[1 + mod(n, array_length(salary, 1))]
FROM salary_list, generate_series(1, 1000000) as n

Lets try to decouple the query,


WITH salary_list AS (
    SELECT '{1000, 2000, 5000}'::INT[] salary

This is a common table expression, which returns an integer array of salaries. we can use this salary column within this query.


generate_series is a postgres function which takes a min and max number and generates values, an example below

select n from generate_series(1, 10) as n

'Employee ' || n as name generates employee names with their id as suffix.

salary[1 + mod(n, array_length(salary, 1))] this picks up salary based on n value returned from generate series.

So the final output that we will get is below,

1Employee 12000
2Employee 25000
3Employee 31000
4Employee 42000
5Employee 55000

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