How I made my first contribution to supabase?

How I made my first contribution to supabase?


I build a lot of side projects even though most of them never gets released to the world. Python is my primary language and I'm Firebase fan. When I found out that there is an open source alternative with the power of Postgres(RDBMS). I started exploring supabase ->


When I signed up for supabase and started writing code, I found the documentation missing lot of examples for python. Javascript and dart examples were rich.

So I decided to contribute python documentation myself. Raised a PR adding python content to supabase docs.

My PRs


Guess what happened after couple of PRs merged? CEO of supabase asked me to email my details to receive swags from supabase.


Any contribution is a contribution. be it fixing a meaningful typo, writing documentation, adding more code examples. It doesn't matter how small it is. Happy hacktoberfest!

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